Desktop Application and Integrations


Version of the web and desptop integration might differ. That said the major version should be the same in order to ensure compatibily.


The first time you’ll be running the standalone or any integration a login window will pop up and ask you for username and api key, you can find these informations under your user settings:


Standalone , and integrations will be sharing some commong traits in the interface.

Running for_review_ui command it’ll show up the main interface, from which you’ll be able to select:

  • First seq frame : Provide the full path to the first frame or the input image sequence to process.
  • Audio file : Audio file to be added to the output video.
  • Frame per seconds: The frame per seconds used to generate the video output.
  • Encoder: The encoder you want to use to encode you final video outout.

One of the most important part of the ui, is the Variables part. From here any Variable defined in the design , will be exposed and you’ll be able to fill them up with whatever text you feel like.

The Make Review button will kick off the encoding process.


Once the encoding is finished you’ll be provided with a widget where to publish (here shows the filesystem publisher) and review what you’ve just been producing.


Clicking Play Review will play the video with the default player assigned to quicktime videos.