In this documentation we’ll have a look on how all the moving parts of for-review are composed and how to use them.

Is composed by :

  • Web application
  • Desktop application
  • Application integrations
  • Publishers

As bonus a secondary tool is provided:

  • Stitcher

How does it work

The tool will let you design and save various different design for your output videos, adding masks, logo and contextual informations. When generating the review, the chosen design will be converted to an ffmpeg command which will be then executed locally to the user machine and generate the final output. Only the replacement variables will be shared with the server, so its use can be considered fairly secure for sensible projects. The result video will be stored in the temp folder, and only at publish time will be actually saved safely in one of the storage systems.

For-review is built on top of python, ffmpeg with a web stack composed by flask, angularjs fabricjs for the canvas support.

Installation and setup

Desktop integrations are available from the for review about page From here you will be able to dowload the installation for your os.


To install the integration and publishers please look into this document’s dedicated section.


Special thanks to

for the early testing process, and material provided.